What is LocalYoo?

1:06 AM

If you come to think of it, usually the moments that you remember the most from your trip are the ones that involved contact with someone local:

  • A friend of a friend that took you to a rather small flea market where he buys his spices.
  • The chat with the taxi driver that drove you from the airport and recommended to drink beer at an amazing bar with great atmosphere where many local people go to after dinner.
  • The nice lady from the coffee shop in front of your hotel that was kind enough to show you to a small, authentic, food place which is 3 meters over 3 meters full of senses and absolutely astonishing homemade dishes.
  • And so on, and so on…

This is exactly why we started LocalYoo. We wanted to create a new community that will enable tourists and travelers a unique and unforgettable way to experience the place they are visiting. This is achieved by enabling them to learn about the place from the eyes of local people rather than by passing through the area in a bus while listening to the tour guide or in a car on the way to the next tourism icon.

We believe that people all over the world are basically the same. We all have a lot in common, we have a similar day routine, we like to do the same things, eat similar food and spend our time with the people we care about. The interesting thing is to see how someone like you, with similar  fields of interests is living his life elsewhere:
Where does he like to eat lunch?
What is his favorite place in the city?
Where does he buy clothes?
What is his perspective about local art?

You got the idea. The important thing is to experience the place from a local perspective and create real connections with local people around the world.

And this is exactly what we do!

We help you to discover these local experts. The ones that will make your trip an overwhelming memory.
We are handpicking the special local experts and after validating their skills and trustworthiness, we publish them at LocalYoo and make them easily accessible for you.

We are  committed to make travel planning a fun, easy and rewarding experience.

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