Your next vacation

1:09 AM

Let's start to think about your next vacation.
Already sounds good. doesn't it?
Let's say that you would like to go to Tel-Aviv.
Hmm. interesting...
Imagine that you had a good friend that is already living there for some years. Wouldn't that be great? You'll be able to send him an email with all your questions before you go there and get the best answers ever.
Your friend will help you to build an awesome itinerary that includes:
  • The best restaurants locals go to.
  • The hottest places to hang out at night.
  • The coolest things that are currently going on in the city.
  • The most trending activities options.
  • The finest beer brewery.
  • And lots of other authentic things in the city.
And the greatest thing of all, is that he would probably join you for some of the experiences. You will have time to catch up with him,hear how is it to live in Tel-Aviv, what he likes about the city, what things he would like to change. Learn how he decided to sell his car and start using the city's"Tel Ofan" bicycles instead. How he likes to finish the day at the beach, drinking cold beer and looking at the sunset. How he goes to "Shuk Hacarmel" every friday morning to breath the extraordinary blend of scents arising from all over the market and buy hot pastries and recently captured fishes for the weekend.

Now, imagine that you had such a friend in Berlin, Paris, London, Madrid, etc...
Imagine that in every city you plan to go to you will have someone like you that will help you plan your trip, guide you through the city and share with you his own unique simple stories of how it is to live in this city.

Hey. No need to imagine any more! You can actually have such a friend in every city :)

Meet LocalYoo:

A community marketplace that will enable you to find and connect quickly with local people like you.

We are now launching in Tel-Aviv. Come and meet Roos, Mati, Kristof and many others and explore the city together with them. We guarantee you that by the end of your visit, you will feel like you were friends with them since ever.

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