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“Yamin Moshe” - A journey to one of the most authentic and beautiful neighborhoods of Jerusalem

Overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem, “Yamin Moshe” is one of the most beautiful and authentic neighborhoods outside the old city walls.


The neighborhood was founded in 1891 and was the first Jewish neighborhood outside the walls of the old city of Jerusalem. It is named after the British Jewish banker: Moshe Montefiore (Moshe is Moses in Hebrew)  who was one of the donors that purchased the land.
The origin of the name is taken from the Book of Isaiah Chapter 63 verse 12:
”Who caused His glorious arm to go at the right hand of Moses, Who divided the waters before them to make for Himself an everlasting name”

Montefiore was a man with great vision: the neighborhood was arranged in two rows with a fence around them and only one entrance gate that was locked at night to protect the residents.
In addition Montefiore built a windmill inside the neighborhood both in order to generate additional places to work and to produce flour at affordable prices for the poor people of the city.

Originally the neighborhood was split into two:
The part next to “Nathan” street  (named after the Rabbi of Britain) was intended for “Ashkenazi” Jews. While the part next to “Yehudit” street (named after Montefiore’s wife) was intended for “Sephardi” Jews.  


The original houses were built in long columns formation. The streets were paved with stones and the stairs connecting the different streets were very steep. 


The houses were small: they all had two floors and each apartment had only two rooms with one room bigger than the other with the kitchen located at the back part of the apartment. Some of the houses even had a water well.
Although the neighborhood’s houses all had the same structure they were still different from each other, since each house owner built his home according to his needs.


Nowadays the neighborhood is populated with artists, writers and painters and is considered as an upscale neighborhood with well-off population.
Located in the neighborhood, you can find art galleries as well as the Jerusalem Music Center


Next to the neighborhood’s entrance you can find a reconstruction of the carriage that was used by Montefiore for his travels in Israel.


The original windmill was renovated and turned into a museum.


And you can see the great view of the old city from a new observation deck that was built adjacent to the windmill.


See you in Israel 

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