How to solve one of the biggest problems of Travel? Or... How to pack a big LEGO box in a standard size suitcase

7:00 AM

As a young father of two boys, one of the most important parts of my travel is the presents I bring back home. Coming back without a present is not an option; I might as well stay abroad for ever…
With time I found out that the things they love the most is LEGO. So whenever I find myself anywhere around the world, on my business trips, I always end up looking for LEGO....
The issue with LEGO is that it is wrapped with a big carton pack, and if you need to bring two LEGOs (as I sometimes need to get a box per kid) the size of my suitcase won't do.
BTW - don't even think about leaving the carton pack in the trashcan of your hotel room, since as my son once told me: “if it’s not with the package, it’s worth nothing”.

So how can you hack this? How can you pack a big box of LEGO into your suitcase, without losing a lot of space and keep the package in a good condition?

It’s actually quite simple:
1. Open the box, take out the plastic bags and then flatten the box

2. Place the plastic bags inside the suitcase among your clothes

When you arrive back home, just setup the box, fill it back with the small plastic bags containing the LEGO blocks and you are done.

Now you know the secret how to be the dad of the day J

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