How Apple’s new iPhone 6 and iOS 8 can help you blend better with locals while you travel

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How Apple’s new iPhone 6 and iOS 8 can help you blend better with locals while you travel

According to Priceline’s latest “Tourist Report Card” 91% of all tourists think they can blend well with locals, however 94% of locals says that they can at least sometimes spot a tourist just by looking at them.

Tourists reported that they are guilty of the following tourists “clichés”:

  •  Asked a local for directions 63%
  • Eaten at a chain franchise 54%
  • Walked around with a map or guide book 48%
  • Visibly carried a camera 38%

Well, the new iPhone 6 and iOS 8 can help you blend better with locals and avoid some of the tourist “clichés”! Here’s how:

Battery life – the new iPhone 6 comes with the all new A8 chip with better CPU and graphics performance and was designed to be power efficient, early users had reported that the phone battery last for an entire day under heavy use.
So no need to carry maps and guide books anymore as it seems that you can trust your phone to do the heavy lifting of map browsing, turn-by-turn navigation together with 3G and Wi-Fi browsing without having to recharge throughout the day.

Bigger screen – the new models of the iPhone comes with a 4.7 inch screen for the iPhone 6, which can easily fit in your jacket or jeans, and a 5.5 inch screen for the iPhone 6 Plus.
The bigger screen makes map browsing and applications much more fun and useable so you won’t have to walk around with folded printed materials and use the apps on your mobile to find great place to eat instead of having to compromise on a chain franchise restaurants.

Camera – the new camera features a new video encoder and image signal processor which is built into the A8 chip, enabling:

  • Better and faster autofocus which will save you time.
  • Better face detection that will let you take much beautiful “selfie”.
  • Enhanced noise reduction that makes it easier to shoot high quality photos and videos.
But even if you don’t plan to purchase the new iPhone 6 you can still just upgrade to the new iOS 8 and enjoy lots of useful tools for capturing and editing your photos more easily and intuitively and can create beautiful time-lapse videos which can transfer any moment into amazingly beautiful memorable video.
You can read more about the new iOS 8 camera features that will work on your iPhone 5 & 4S here
So no need to walk around with your camera visible, instead you may use your iPhone camera.

And one last thing that will not help you blend better, but it is still pretty cool to use while you’re traveling with iPhone 6 is the new native “Health” application which lets you monitor your physical activity through the iPhone motion sensors so that at the end of each day you will be able to access the application dashboard and watch the distance you covered that day and the number of calories you had burnt.  

Oh, and for all of you Apple fanboys, please note that lot of these new features were already available for the competitor devices.

Keep on traveling like a local!

Check out this cool infographic from the Priceline Tourist Report:
Check out on what’s new for iPhone on the Apple site:

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