How the new Inbox application by Google can help you do better with your travel planning

5:52 AM

Google released a new application called “Inbox”, the application is designed to help you be more productive with your emails. ‘Inbox’ is basically a new interface that sits on top of your Gmail. The new interface treats the stream of emails as a to-do list, and defines a set of operations to help you deal with each mail as if it was a task.
You can read all you need to know about ‘Inbox’ here.

Some of ‘Inbox’ features were designed specifically to help you be more productive with your travel planning, while some other generic features are perfect to utilize while you are traveling. Check them out:

Travel bundle
‘Inbox’ comes with a readymade bundle called “Travel”, ‘Bundle’ is a main feature in Inbox that is supposed to help you be more productive. Users can create new ‘Bundles’ and can configure per ‘Bundle’ which emails will be aggregated in this ‘Bundle’. Here’s how the Travel bundle works:
·         The Travel bundle comes with a readymade group of rules that were set in a way that emails received from hotels suppliers and airlines carriers will be automatically aggregated into the ‘Travel Bundle’. You can also manually add emails that weren’t aggregated automatically to the bundle.
·         For each ‘Bundle’ users can configure whether to receive a push notification whenever a new email arrives to this specific ‘Bundle’. The ‘Travel Bundle’ “Notification” is set by default to 'YES', so whenever you get a new email that belongs to the bundle you will get a push notification. The ‘Travel Bundle’ comes with a little purple icon of an airplane, so when you get a new email related to your travel planning you will see the airplane icon on your notification bar as part of the mail notification. If you want, you can disable the notification for the bundle.


·         Mails that are classified to a 'Bundle' will not be shown on the main mail stream and instead the 'Bundle' will be presented. Per 'Bundle' you can define when to present it on your inbox stream. For the Travel ‘Bundle’ the default is “As message arrives” but you have the option to change it by selecting from other optional presets. This feature helps to reduce noise from your inbox stream so that certain mails will appear on your stream only once a day or even once a week.


‘Inbox’ lets you set reminders; there are two main use cases for reminders: 
·         You can attach reminder to mail, which is very useful when you are planning your trip, so not only you will get a reminder but you will get it with the mail in context which is especially useful when you are planning your trip and have to follow booking approvals from airlines, car rental services and hotels.


·         You can also set new reminders directly by clicking the ‘+’ button on the main screen. Reminders can be set based on date and time but you may also set a reminder based on a location, which can be very useful when you travel at your destination and want to check something in the context of a specific place.


Some of the emails on your inbox will be highlighted so you won’t have to open the mail to see what’s in it, mails with information about flights will be automatically highlight and will present real-time status of the flight. Cool!

To get started with ‘Inbox’ you will need to get an invitation, here’s how you can get one:
·         Ask for invitation from Google by sending an email to from your Gmail account.
·         Users who were invited by Google, can forward an invitation to 3 other people, so if you know someone who got an invitation you can ask him for one.
But there’s also a workaround you can follow in order to start using Inbox without an invite, read all about it here.

Enjoy, and keep traveling!

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