How to pass security checks fast without leaving behind anything

1:55 AM

As a business traveler who flies quite often, one of the hassles I have to deal with is the security checks on airports.
When you are flying on business you will probably have to take your risks with back-2-back connection flights, as sometimes giving up on this flight will significantly extend the time of your trip. So being able to pass the security check as fast as possible is something you should be very good at.

From my personal experience, the worst part of the security checks, is the part where you are asked to empty your pockets. Since I prefer to take as less luggage as possible, my pockets usually end up as an additional storage space.... A typical list of things you will probably find in my pants pockets while I'm traveling are: small change, my wallet, my smartphone, the boarding tickets, my passport, a memory stick, tissue paper, nose drops, earphones , my frequent flyer card, some snacks, and... A floating boat :)

When you come to think about it: there is a lot to take out and even worse: a lot you may forget to put back and leave on the plastic cradle.

So how can you make this process less time consuming and get on with it without having to waste a moment of thinking and a sweat drop of anxiety?

This is how I cracked this obstacle:

One condition – you need to have a jacket with you, which I usually have.

1.    Empty all of your pants pockets into your jackets pockets

2.    Throw your jacket to the plastic cradle.

That’s it, as simple as that!
Later on when you need something, you can take it out of your jacket and place it back in your pants. Eventually all the things from your jacket will find their way back to your pocket pants… but it will be at a more convenient time, not during the security check where you need to collect everything back to your pants pocket in a hurry, under the pressure not to miss your next flight.

This Worked for me numerous times, saved me a lot of time and anxiety and (most importantly) enabled me to use very tight connections.

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