KickStarter’s Travel Projects

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If you waana take a peek into the minds of innovative entrepreneurs from all around the globe then KickStarter and other crowd funding platforms are for sure one of those places you should visit. As someone who blogs about travel hacking I figure it will be an interesting exercise to search for Travel related projects and discover how our travel experience can get even better with new and innovative products.

Here are a few of the projects I found:

1. The Pocket Socket – Secure your valuables in luxurious comfort
Since ever while we are traveling we feel much secure knowing our passport and money are not vulnerable for theft so this project may be the answer to this problem:

2. ClampHero -Smartphone and tablet mount for travelling
Long flights are the part of my travel I would definitely prefer to skip, but till teleportation machines will be available, I guess I will have to settle for those gadgets and accessories that makes flights more bearable, this specific accessory can be quite handy on airplanes without in-flight multimedia system and will make the use of your mobile gadget more usable for the passengers cabin:

3. BARON Shave Kit -The Last Razor You Will Ever Need 
Packing our stuff  while traveling is one of those time consuming, annoying tasks we have to deal with. There are a few methodologies that we should better adopt in order to reduce the level of annoyance, one is to have a well defined packing algorithm that is maintained and improved along the years and second is to keep those handy accessories that can help us with the packing task such as a plastic bottle to pack our shampoo, a case for our suits, etc. Here is a nice shaving set with an elegant and compact travel case that can be useful to reduce the level of annoyance while we are packing our stuff:

4. Travel Case for iPhone + All-Day Mobile Internet 
These days, most of us used to be always connected, we are available for phone calls and messaging, we consume useful information whenever we have to, or we just entertain our-self. As we got used to be always connected it seems only logical that the same should go while we are traveling new places, where maps and information can be very helpful in order to better understand where we are and what there is around us. The thing is that in order to make us connected while we are traveling we will have to take care of some things, such as open our phone's SIM card for calls and data in the destination country we are heading to and make sure we are getting a good deal from our network carrier as we don't wanna get any surprises when we will get our phone bill. Here is a project that tries to take care of this issue and hopefully provide an easy solution:

5. Benfica to Brazil:out-of-the-ordinary worldwide travel 
This project is one of my favorites for sure. This guy is traveling around the world following the "Football Mania" which is taking over millions of football fans every four years, when the world-cup tournament is taking place, and wants to document this phenomena. There are other few projects of enthusiastic travelers looking to subsidize their travel passion and document their journey trying to achieve their goal through crowd funding platforms:

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