Paris of Patisseries and Chocolateries

7:45 AM

When you think about Paris you think about great food, gorgeous pastries and amazing chocolateries.

We are very proud to have Sharon Heinrich as one of our amazing team of experts around the world, Sharon has been living in Paris for 4 years now and she is a researcher in the field of Pastry & Chocolate.
She always enjoyed making cakes and desserts to her colleagues and with time she turned this into her profession. After moving to Paris, She started her blog that is dedicated to Paris, Confectionery and everything between them. Working on her blog enabled her to meet some of the best Pastry Chefs & Chocolatiers in Paris and some amazing and delicious delis in the city. So if you are planning to visit Paris and want to explore its amazing patisseries and chocolateries you now have Sharon to show you around.

For a start, here are some of her favorite places in Paris for pastry, chocolate and more:

Pierre Hermé

Caesar of Macaroons! The Maestro of French Pastry!  The greatest pastry chef of our time, Pierre Hermé!

Hermé is the pastry chef that all are looking at, amateurs, professionals and curious people from all over the world are coming to visit Hermé’s spectacular pastry’s boutiques. His flagship store is located at the 6th Arrondissement of the city, right next to the impressive Church of Saint Sulpice. Hermé is known for his excellent especially made seasonal and holidays desserts and for his world famous Macaroons. Don’t forget to try his vanilla Tourette considered as one of the finest tourette in the world! And don't skip his “2000 leaves” cake made of caramelized layers of puff pastry with praline cream rich with nuts.

Canal Saint-Martin

One of my favorite areas of Paris is the area of “Canal Saint-Martin” on the 10th Arrondissement, up north to “Place de la République”. In the last couple of years, this area started to flourish and became the preferable residential neighborhood for the city's BOBOs (BOurgeois BOhemian), and with its vibrant nightlife scene it attracts students and tourists who are visiting Paris. In past years the Canal was used for transferring  goods and drinking water into Paris, these days it is mainly being used for the enjoyment of the people of Paris and its visitors. One of my greatest joys is to go out for a picnic on the Canal banks in a Parisian sunny day, watch the crossing ships and enjoy the view of its many dams.

Patrick Roger

Patrick Roger is the Auguste Rodin of the chocolatiers. Known for his giant chocolate sculptures, he is one of the world’s top chocolatiers.  Roger was awarded with the M.O.F title, a unique and prestigious title which means “One of the Best Craftsmen of France”.  Roger's chocolates are the best chocolates you can find. Patrick Roger is known for his amazing talent to craft new and magical tastes and new visuals while using only prime raw materials and marvelous packing cases.  If you are planning to get a taste of his work, don't miss the cacao and chocolate coated almonds (which he grows in his own almond orchard) and the “Roche”  (Rock in French) - a square pieces of milk and dark chocolate filled with fine praline. 


Finding a decent cup of coffee in Paris is not an easy task, however in the last couple of years a few coffee shops appeared around the city where you can find excellent coffee made of quality coffee beans which were handled in the experienced hands of well-trained baristas, one of these coffee shops is the KB CAFÉ located on “RUE DES MARTYRS” on the foot of the Montmartre Hill. If you go there don't miss the Caffè Latte and the aromatic Carrot Cake.

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