Best public parks to relax in Berlin

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Berlin is a great place for clubbing, shopping and hang out, yet the relaxing part is no less important. Berlin has many public parks, inside and outside the center. I recommend taking a day off and trying out at least one of these places… Take a blanket, a few things to eat and a cup of coffee from the nearest coffee shop, and you are all set for the day.

The best places to chill out and have fun under the sun are:

Tiergarten Park 
The park is huge and its borders are between Potsdamer Platz and Moabit. It used to be the hunting area of the German Kings many years ago, but now it has no animals to hunt, but many places to see. You can travel around the bridges, walk through the many trees and lie down next to the lakes. If you walk down Tiergartenstrasse you can watch the amazing designs of the embassies of China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, India and many more. Formal address: Straße des 17. Juni 31, 10785 Berlin. You can also reach the park from Potsdamer Platz or Grosser Stern.

Hasenheide Park 
The famous park of Neukölln. The park's name comes from the use of the land as a rabbit warren, which goes back to the year 1678. It was the place for “small hunting” for the German Kings. Hasenheide Park is the home of hipsters, young families, and many students. There is a bus station right near the entrance (Hasenheide), but you can also use the U-Bahn to Hermannplatz, which is 3 minutes walking. Address: Hasenheide, 10967 Berlin.

Tempelhof Park
The park is well-known for its past. It used to be an active airport of Berlin, until it was destroyed during the Second World War, re-built and finally closed in 2008. Instead, the people of Berlin have created together a great park for festivals, walking, jogging, flying kites and a joyful sight to the urban eyes. Last year (2014), the people of Berlin voted against turning the park into an urban neighborhood, as the Municipality wanted, and kept it as the green spot of the area. Not to worry, you can still find the remains of the old airport and travel through the old buildings. Address: Tempelhof Park, 12099 Berlin (Main entrance is next to Tempelhof U-Bahn station).

by Shmili - Berlin expert @ LocalYoo.

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