3 Bars In Berlin You Must Visit

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If you know Berlin well enough, you can find some amazing bars, each with its own unique offering.

Here are my best 3 bars in Berlin?


At first, you might think that no bar could actually be located behind one of Berlin’s central apartment blocks, but appearances, as always, can be deceiving. Cookies and Cream is one of the city’s most popular vegetarian gourmet restaurants by day, and a hip hangout by night. The trendy nightspot is located in the Behrenstrasse in Mitte, and trying to find its ‘hidden’ entrance will undoubtedly add to the night’s excitement.

Behrenstraße 55, 10117 Berlin, Germany



Tausend isn't the place that drunk wanderers would stumble into, simply because they wouldn’t even find it (there is no sign, bell or light at its entrance - just a bare iron door beneath the Paris-Moskau railway). More than that, even if they would fell on the place by mistake, the stiff doorman will never get them inside...
Ahhh.... yes... they have a "suit in" club protocol so come prepared and don’t take it personally if they won't let you inside eventually.

Well, enough of that. You will probably find the place and manage to get inside, so let's concentrate on the inside now. Shall we?
Once inside, the place emerges as a set of a film made in Hong Kong: lots of glass, curved steel walls and a massive doughnut-shaped fixture broadcasting white light from the end of the long, one-room space. Sleek sofas line the elevated seating areas (some of them are available only on advance booking). The Atmosphere inside is very unique and fun.
You should definitely dress nicely, as Tausend is all about seeing and being seen, so you wouldn't want to be captured not in your best outfit...

Schiffbauerdamm 11, Berlin, Germany


Luzia is currently one of Kreuzberg’s most popular establishments!
With an industrial (but warm) loft space inside and lots of young people crowded at the outside table this is a place you want to pay a visit while in Berlin.
The mood inside is cool and hectic: warm welcoming armchairs, torn wallpaper and the highlight is definately the upstairs small space which is reachable only by ladder!!
Hey... I almost forgot the walls that are painted by the one one and only artist: Chin Chin and that are very inspirational.
Many standard drinks and cocktails are reasonably price so you should have no problem to find something you like and still stay with some money in your pocket . Get there early if you want a seat and remember Luzia is well and truly discovered, so if you are looking for a relaxed place just to seat and talk with friends, this is probably not the place for you :)

Oranienstraße 34 10999 Berlin

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