Mepantigan - A Muddy & Special Activity in Bali

5:03 AM

Hello there! I am Farel from Bali, Indonesia.
I would like to share with you one the most amazing local activities that we have here.



Mepantigan is actually a martial art here in Indonesia. It combines old traditions of local music, folklore dances together with elements from Wrestling, Taekwondo, Judo and Capoeira. And the most interesting fact about it is that all the act is taking place in a very muddy rice field!
Invented 12 years ago by Putu Witsen this muddy attraction is becoming more and more popular in Indonesia gaining more and more followers. If you are a fan of martial art this is definitely a must do activity for you.

You can take part in Mepantigan in two ways:
1.    Passive:
Come and watch a Mepantigan performance which is held every Saturday evening
(price is US$ 35 per person).
2.    Active:
Be brave (or foolish ;) Physically participate and test your ability to perform in the mud. Initially you will join a training session and then if you dare: a real fight!
While watching this unusual performance you will be able to see various elements of local folklore, stories and myth. Things that are inspired by the prophets Muhammad and Buddha.


While taking an active part in this activity you will get very muddy but the experience is unbelievable: it is very intense and gives you a feeling of something that you only do once in a lifetime.

Hey, and you must respect the other participants: you can't strike or kick the opponent’s vital parts, you can't bite and you must always remember that the main purpose here is to have fun!


The performances and classes are held at Pondok Batu Alam in a compound of authentic bamboo villas surrounded by muddy rice fields.

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