My Favorite Coffee Shops in Paris

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In case you didn’t know so far, good coffee is not something that is easy to find in Paris.
You can easily find places with good wine, great food and amazing pastries but when you wish to drink a good cup of coffee it is very hard to find one that will be above the standard.
And this is the point where I can help. I can save you the time and all the bad experiences I had and direct you immediately to the places that are awesome:


Telescope is a very neat minimal place. It's a place to drink good coffee!
You will not find outstanding renovation or flashy slogans over there. They don’t even offer WIFI connection. But did I already mention that they serve good coffee?
In addition to that, the service is very friendly and you can get it in English as well
(not so trivial in Paris...), the music is pleasant and they even have some nice offers of pastries and croissants.
Bottom line: if you are looking for a place to get good coffee, you will enjoy this place a lot.

Ten Belles

Ten Belles is one of my favorites! Whenever I’m in the area, I try to stop by and enjoy a good cup of coffee and a piece of their delicious banana bread.
And they even have some unexpected surprises there, such as an authentic sausage roll or some sandwiches that are both tasty and big enough to make you forget your hunger...
The only down side I can tell you about Ten Belles is that it’s a little expensive compared to other places.


This is a cool place with amazing coffee and very tasty food, that for some reason, raises many speculations about its owners and their origins: some say they are from Canada, some say from Australia and others are sure that they are from UK. Well, I had to crack this issue once and for all and simply asked the owner Nico where is he from just to get the banal answer that he is French and that people are usually confused because he and his partner (Sarah) both speak great fluent English.
Besides stories and rumors this is a beautiful place with a big soul.

Written by Leo - LocalYoo Expert in Paris

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