The Best Local Activity In My City Contest

3:18 AM

We are happy to launch LocalYoo contest for the best local activity story.
The winner will be awarded a:
200$ Prize!

Every one of us knows about something really nice to do in his city. Now you can make money out of this! All you need to do is write a short text about this activity and send it to us. That's all.
That simple.
If your story will be interesting, fun to read and attractive, you might be the one to win the first prize of 200$.

Some more information:
  • The activity you refer to can be anywhere in the world.
  • The text should be at least 300 words long.
  • Share with us:
    • What makes your activity an awesome one?
    • Where does is take place?
    • Is it free? if not: how much does it cost?
    • A nice story / anecdote about the activity.
  • Only genuine content apply (copied texts will be disqualified).
  • Original images will improve your odds to win (again only genuine images that you took yourself).
  • Good stories will be published at our blog.
  • Submission deadline is May 31st 2015.
  • The winner will be announced on Monday June 8th, 2015
Please check out this cool example for ideas and guidelines.

Stories should be emailed to

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