My 10 best locations for photography in Berlin

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The Reichstag is an unique photo opportunity, both indoors and outdoors. The reflections of light through the intricate labyrinth of glasses and mirrors creates unique moments. Thus, the daylight is the best time to visit and give your camera a chance ina lifetime. Previous registration through the website at least one week before the scheduled visit is requested.

Brandenburg Gate

One of the famous landmarks of the city and of the country, especially after the reunification, it used to be a city gate. Rebuilt in the 18th century in neoclassical style, it offers a large perspective view over the different areas of the city, many of them recently rebuilt from the ground, such as Potsdamer Platz. Usually crowded during the day, it offers unique moments of silence early in the morning on Sundays.

Berliner Fernsehturm / TV Tower

One of Berlin's most famous landmarks, it offers inside high-altitude shots of the city, and an overwhelming presence around the area, with its 52 metres (170 feets) imposing construction. The observation deck is nearly 121 metres (400 feet) high. On the top floor, a restaurant offers local German menus with a view over the city. The best time for photography is during the night or at the sunset time. Otherwise, the panoramic view of Berlin is impressive all round the day and the year.

Berliner Fernsehturm, Panoramastraße, Berlin, Germany

East Side Gallery

The East Side Gallery covers the remains of the former Berlin Wall, turned into an open air exhibition place of grafiti art. It is openly talking about history and the meeting between the new and old Berlin. The best time to pay a visit is during the noon, when the place is full of live and crowded with tourists.

East Side Gallery, Mühlenstraße, Berlin, Germany

Memorial of murdered Jews in Europe

The Holocaust Memorial offers interesting observation points. The photographer can scrutinize both the architectural structure and the insertions of the visitors into the intricate corners of the place. A place of memory and silence, the best time to photograph is during noon, when the reflections of dying light and shadows add many interesting effects to the black stone blocks.

Cora-Berliner-Straße 1, 10117 Berlin Germany

Victory Column / Siegessäule

Situated in the Grosser Stern/Great Star squre, in the middle of the Tiergarten it is a dominant presence around which the entire space is built. The golden statue of Victoria, the Roman goddess of victory, is in the top of the column. During the light sunny time, the statue radiates light, and acquires mystery shadows and reflections during the sunset. The statue was famous in Wim Wenders's movie Wings of Desire. From Victoria's shoulders, angela are watching over the city.

Großer Stern 10557 Berlin Germany


With its great alleys, silent trees and myterious wildlife it offers interesting photo opportunities, especially in spring. During the summer sunny afternoon, the place is bubbling with life of the visitors making a spontaneous picnic and from the bottles of sekt (traditional sparkling wine) sipped under the sun. During the sunrise, the light is beaming through the treetops, revealing secret spots. During the summer weekends, one can have a look over the people of Berlin, fully enjoying the sun bathing opportunities.

Bezirk Mitte 10785 Berlin Germany


Projected as a restaurant on  Schloßstraße, this creative work of brutalist architecture ended up as a neglected building covered with graffiti. The best time for photography is during the sunset, when the natural light adds a warm touch to the cold apparition.

Bierpinsel, Schloßstraße 17, 12163 Berlin, Germany

Pallasseum Wohnbauten AG

An example of brutalist architecture as well as a sample of Western construction in the middle of the former Eastern communist territory. Practically, its aim was to answer the real estate needs at the time. The best time to take photo is during the sunrise, when the residential complex receives an additional touch of warm.

Pallasstraße 3, 10781 Berlin Germany

The Research Institute for Experimental Medicine

The Research Institute for Experimental Medicine (FEM, formerly ZTL) or in the local slang, the 'Mouse Bunker' is a concrete structure where animals are tested for medical purposes. The construction took 10 years, being officially opened in 1980. The best photography time is around noon, when the strange building receives dramatic effects.

Krahmerstraße 10, 12207 Berlin, Germany

Bauhaus Archive

The depositary of the larges collection of this interesting artistic movement, the building itself is a testimony of the interesting architectural ideas of the Bauhaus. In the middle of the day, the strong light reflected on the white surfaces creates a feeling of silence and purification, almost an invitation to meditation in the middle of the busy city.

Klingelhöferstraße 14, 10785 Berlin Germany

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