3 Best nightclubs in Berlin

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Berlin is famous worldwide for its vivid nightlife scene, especially for its diverse
and lively clubs.
In case you haven’t been to a Berlin club before, here is a short intro:
Almost all the clubs will not let everybody get in: they have a bouncer that will
decide on the spot if you are qualified to get in. So...

  1. If you are a big group (especially if you are a group of man) you are facing a problem… you better split to smaller groups of 2-3 before getting to the entrance.
  2. Make sure not to draw attention while waiting: be polite and blend with the audience.
  3. Know which party you are going to (check the club’s site before).
  4. Speak a few words in German (relevant words not dirty ones…)
  5. Do NOT come drunk...
  6. DO NOT overdress


Watergate is a friendly fun club with good music and amazing led lighting. This is also the place with the best chances to get through the bouncer.
The music is great and the lighting inside makes you feel like you are in another dimension.
Best time to come: Mondays, Thursdays.


Falckensteinstrasse 49; Kreuzberg; 10997 Berlin



Undoubtedly, this is my favorite club in Berlin!
Always full, always hosting the best D.Js and playing the best techno ever!
But… most of the chances are that you will not be allowed to get in… you might end up waiting 2-3 hours in line and then rejected...so think carefully if this is the place for you!
Best time to come: Sundays (the party usually starts on Saturday night and ends on Monday morning).


Am Wriezener Bahnhof 10243 Berlin Friedrichshain



Based in the center of Kreuzberg, Built in a 150 year old building, which radiates the warm atmosphere of the 19th century, the Chalet is a cool club to go to. They are also very popular, host great D.Js and you have better chances to get in (don’t forget the basic rules I mentioned above:)

chalet facebook

Vor dem Schlesischen Tor 3; Kreuzberg; 10997 Berlin


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