Take these 7 things if you are planning to rent a car abroad

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Traveling with a car can be a pretty cool experience if you ask me.

If you think about it, the car inner space is actually a small piece of home you had taken with you to your vacation: like an isolated island in this unknown territory that resides outside.

Within your car you can listen to the same music and radio stations you are listening on your car back home and using the same navigation application instructing you on your native language.

(Having said that it is always a great joy to search and listen to local radio stations)

So what will it take to have a great driving experience while you abroad?

Your smartphone
First and foremost. Your smartphone is the hub for all of your services.

Local Data SIM with data package
Local Data SIM is pretty cheap and you can find one usually in your destination airport or in one of the many cellular operators point of sale that are spread around the city of your destination.
(It will be even wiser to check this in advance, while planning your trip).
*I believe it is already a known fact that getting a local data SIM is the thing do while you are traveling, but you can check the appendix below if you are still not sure.

Car charger for your smartphone
So you got your phone and you charge it on your hotel room but you don’t want it will drain out especially if you are using it to navigate.

AUX cable
To connect your phone to the stereo system of the car so you can really enjoy your music!

Applications check
-       Radio application – download an application for your smartphone which broadcast live streaming of your favorite radio stations.
-       Navigation application – see that your favorite navigation application supports the destination you are heading, in case it doesn’t find a proper replacement and play with it a little to make sure you know how to work with it

Earphones with speaker
This will enable you to accept phone calls while driving.

Hey... this is recommended only in cases you are on a business trip. Otherwise it's better not to accept calls while driving in a new location. Wait for a more proper time.

Sun glasses
To shield your eyes while driving in the sun and to look nice and cool J

Driving your rented car is pretty much the first thing you do when arriving at your destination, so for me it is a great joy to plug in my phone charger and the AUX cable and start my ride in a complete new place while a familiar and lovable tune is playing from my car stereo system.

Enjoy, and keep on traveling!

*Why data SIM can replace operator SIM while you are traveling:

With data SIM you can do everything you are usually doing with your smartphone except for using your operator basic services such as phone calls, SMS & MMS for which you have great alternatives that are working with data SIM such as Skype and Viber for phonecalls, WhatsApp Facebook and Gmail for messaging and multimedia transferring.

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