Berlin - Everything is possible

3:53 AM

The underworld of Berlin has a lot more than one might imagine... It is full with secret clubs, play parties and activities. Vanilla people are not even aware of the interesting lives surrounding them...

Berlin is unique, no doubt about that. Yet, its BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, Masochism) life is different than any other country you have ever experienced. Because what Berlin offers, first and foremost, is freedom. And after you have tasted the taste of Berlin's freedom you would not want to leave.

Every one can find here an activity of his/her flavor: a Dominant male or a female, a Submissive or a Switcher. There are monthly meetings for international individuals and play parties for the locals, attractions for tourists and attractions for Germans. Here you can express yourself in clothing, make up or in high heels - and blend in the crowd.
No one is judging, no one will make a remark.

Here you will find the greatest Dominatrix and/or a Sub for one-time sessions, people wearing the best Latex outfits, other people who come for a club just for sex purposes, and most important - people who use the whip and belt with the same pleasure you always dreamed to have... In Berlin you can have it all.

Two main events for the world BDSM community take place in Berlin: German Fetish Weekend in June and Wasteland in October. The German Fetish Weekend lasts for three full days, and offers Gala, many parties and special sale of BDSM properties and clothes from the best suppliers and designers in town. Wasteland, however, is one big party, just like in Amsterdam earlier in the year... Pretty people in amazing outfits, from all over the world, proving that in Berlin, everything is possible.

The post was written by Shmili, one of LocalYoo's experts in Berlin.

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